Goodbye: 96% of 2020 Business Events Cancelled

A staggering 96% of business events - conferences, awards, exhibitions and road shows - scheduled for 2020 have now been cancelled.

Sadly, this statistic from the Business Events Council of Australia (BECA) has confirmed what we in the sector had suspected. That means our industry will lose $35.7 billion nationally over the next 12 months. Furthermore, BECA has estimated 92,000 events jobs have gone down the gurgler in Australia.

However, there is a way forward. Glimmers of hope. Keep reading...

This current situation affects not just companies like mine, which organises awards and conferences, but also an army of suppliers - venues, AV, PR firms, catering, entertainers, MCs, security, cleaners, exhibition builders, and hospitality staff, to mention a few.

And while I'm sure we're all very thankful for the JobKeeper supplements, many events businesses will not trade out of this crisis with no cash-flow AND NO FUTURE WORK.

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