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We work with Councils across Australia to help deliver governmental priorities both locally and regionally through successful communication of achievements and the winning of awards. Awards Absolute provides an array of services to local governments to suit different circumstances and budgets.


No matter where you are located in Australia, your council and its businesses have access to specialist information and services that will place them on an equal playing field when it comes to entering excellence awards.  Location is no barrier.

SUBMISSION  WRITING WORKSHOPS - A one-day flash training course held in your preferred location that will lead to the businesses in your town winning more awards. This step-by-step "blueprint" is the only course in Australia crafted specifically to teach businesses how to write winning nominations, create awards videos, and host successful judges' site visits. Suitable for up to 30 participants. 

'AWARDS READY' PROGRAMS - A deep-dive program that provides business executives with the tools and knowledge to win state, national and international awards. Includes two half-day workshops, site visits to each business, group online forums and one-on-one development sessions. Minimum 5, maximum 8 participants. 

Self Paced ONLINE SUBMISSION WRITING COURSE - This course is ideal for those who wish to improve all aspects of their submission writing. This is a great professional development tool for team leaders who wish to​ be able to assist their department while gaining some personal professional development credits. The learnings from this course will also improve success with all future grant submissions. Governments are also able to bulk purchase access to this online course enabling team members to gain free or reduced-fee access. Contact us to discuss.

ACTIVATE REGIONAL AUSTRALIA - Accessing our services while we are already scheduled to be in your region is extremely cost effective.  Our travel schedule includes regions in all Australian states/territories. Never before have Australian local government and regional development organisations been able to access specialist awards knowledge and services in region face to face and at such a subsidized rate. Will you make the most of it?

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