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For Awards Entrants

Want to win a prestigious award, but don't know where to start?

Sick of seeing your competitors step onto the winner's stage?

Ready to super-charge your career and brand?

Awards Absolute provides an array of services to suit different circumstances and budgets.

You know your business. What we bring to the table is the fact that we are the company that award host organisations engage when they want to identify and train judges. We know what judges are required to identify in submissions, what keeps them engaged and what makes a submission stand out as a winner.  Our extensive awards expertise is supplemented with our skills in professional writing, graphic design, illustration, and photography to ensure that your business is presented in the very best light by judges.


Self Paced online AWARDS SUBMISSION WRITING COURSE - The ultimate guide to writing outstanding awards submissions! This online video course teaches you step-by-step via our proven "blueprint", how to win awards and keep winning. Learn with complete privacy, anywhere, anytime.  This course is ideal for people who wish to improve all aspects of their awards submission writing in a cost and time effective manner. It is a great professional development tool for marketers and managers who wish to identify ways to improve the running of the business that will also be beneficial to submissions and appealing to judges. 

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MOCK JUDGING - You write your submission and submit it to us for proofreading and providing critical feedback just as if it were being judged by the program host. This gives you the benefit of firsthand judges' comments allowing you valuable insights into how your submission could be perceived by someone who is not familiar with your business yet very familiar with awards criteria and judging. This provides you with vital information to make appropriate changes to the entry before it is finally submitted, vastly improving your chances of taking home the trophy!  (This service must be booked a minimum of 1 week in advance). 

Kettlebell Workout

COACHING - Eight one-to-one sessions (1 hour each) from a dedicated awards expert who will work with you to produce a high quality submission for a program of your choosing, PLUS free Mock Judging. The awards coaching can include program identification and selection although many clients come to us knowing which program they wish to enter. Awards coaching is done over the phone and online so that location is no limitation to your ability to have someone on your side, working with you, to assist you to produce the best possible submission for you or your business in a cost effective manner. 

Online Monitoring

SUBMISSION WRITING - Do you want to win more awards but don't have the time, resources or expertise to do it yourself? We have watched as our clients have walked onto the stage to collect their trophy on 650+ occasions. We produce only a very select number of awards submissions each year and only ever one submission in any award category in any awards program ensuring no conflict of interest. Contact us to confirm we have availability in your chosen awards program and category. (This service is best booked a minimum of 3 months in advance of the awards closing date). 

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