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Awards Management Software

The architecture upon which your awards program is based will influence the level of resources needed to administer and manage the numerous aspects of your awards program. Information dissemination, nomination process, entry process, communication options, multi-level assessments, judging, and entrant feedback options all take precious time to set up, test, administer and manage.


In today's increasingly global world cloud-based software specifically designed for awards can help provide a streamlined experience for entrants, judges, administrators and managers. Some awards software platforms are dynamic and complex, others are more simple in nature. Determining the best software platform for your awards program is a complex undertaking and the decision should not be taken lightly. To change software platforms can be a very time-consuming and expensive exercise for the host, not to mention the increased efforts required by both entrants and judges.

Awards software platforms, otherwise known as awards portals, provide the cloud based framework to assist the entrants, judges, accounts, administrators, chapter managers, and program directors ensure consistency and accountability to many of the processes required by an awards program, from anywhere, anytime.


The organisations providing the software do not set up, administer or manage any of the tasks or awards program. They provide you with the tools to set it up yourself and assume that you have the required level of expertise and resources in house to run the awards program using their platform. The level of training and ongoing support required and offered varies. 

Gain access to a compiled list of some of the best known awards software platforms available from around the world. The list will give you a better understanding of the types of awards software platforms out there and provide links to their websites.


Every success starts with one small step. We wish you well on your awards journey.

Please give me access to a list of leading awards management software platforms suited for use in Australia.

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