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We’re proud to have been a global leader in all aspects of awards management over the past 25 years and have worked with hundreds of organisations during that time. Below is a small sample that we can share.

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Across Australia we celebrate with those who are brave and confident enough to step up and have themselves, their businesses, and/or their industries and communities grow and stand out so that they come to be recognised as leaders in their chosen fields.


For them we create, implement, review, write and teach everything relating to excellence awards and through it all we never stop learning about the amazing individuals and businesses across our great county.


We look forward to learning about you.

Our clients include a broad cross-section of:

  • Association Executives

  • Board members

  • Economic Development and Tourism Managers

  • Council Team Leaders

  • C-suite executives 

  • Marketing and Communications Directors

  • In-house Meetings and Events Managers, and

  • Award nominees from almost every sphere of business and life.

Below is just a small sample of the 650+ organisations that we have assisted onto the winners stage.  

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