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For Awards Hosts


You are about to embark on creating an awards program and, of course, you want it to be successful. You want to attract the right entrants, secure the best sponsors, have guests excited about attending your gala event, and you need to achieve your awards' messaging objectives.

If your organisation wishes to undertake much of the work inhouse and has identified the person to head the project then we can assist with HOST MENTORING where one of our highly-experienced specialists will work with you through one-to-one and online sessions. The mentoree will have someone with extensive experience in the setup of awards programs as a 'go to' person to ensure the development of a quality awards program that will meet your stated objectives. 

CRITERIA DEVELOPMENT - Perhaps you have the resources to plan and run the awards program but understand that having your criteria drafted by independent awards specialists will provide your organisation with greater insights and boost your Awards’ credibility. This service includes recommendations, drafting of the criteria, response length recommendations, and scoring guidelines to give your judges clear direction. 

AWARDS ESTABLISHMENT - If the board has directed that an awards program be established but you need to outsource the project in its entirety then we can assist.

We’ve been providing expert guidance on establishing every aspect of awards for 20+ years. By the time your awards launch we will have created everything you need including:

  • the framework,

  • criteria development,

  • EDM promotional schedule,

  • convening documents,

  • judging materials,

  • event outlines,

  • fully-operational website.

In addition, the supply of the fully populated awards management system would be charged at the hourly rate + platform fee.

See 'For Established Awards' column for services offered once your awards program is set up.

CELEBRATIONS AND MEDIA - For New Hosts we can also assist with planning for your awards night and media communications for the first year including:

  • trophies and certificates,

  • media releases - pre event,

  • entrant notifications,

  • awards night event coordination,

  • awards night event production,

  • media wall and photography,

  • media releases - post event,

  • media releases - each winner and finalists.


Is it time to inject new life into your existing awards program to help boost entries and build renewed credibility in the process?

Like all business products, to survive and thrive awards must be reviewed and regularly improved. Independent AWARDS PROGRAM REVIEWS  provide a professional assessment of the program in its current state together with recommendations for improvement. 

AWARDS SOFTWARE RECOMMENDATION- Entrants want access to an easy to use system that provides good instruction and support when required. Awards hosts want reliability, good technical support and cost effectiveness. We can help match your requirements and priorities with the right platform available today.

If your awards program is maintaining its success but your organisation is suffering internal problems due to staff attrition, lack of resources or perceived conflicts of interest then we can help.

AWARDS SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT- No need to have an in-house IT expert to be involved in your online awards program. Experienced portal managers offer a knowledgeable, customer service focused interface between entrants, judges and the online awards software. 

AWARDS MANAGEMENT- Relax in the knowledge that all aspects of your awards are being managed by awards specialists.

INDEPENDENT AUDITING - By engaging Awards Absolute to audit your awards you are safe from nominee complaints about bias, eliminating effects of dominant or weak judges, while ensuring that the best and correct entrants are named as finalists and winners. 

Self Paced ONLINE SUBMISSION WRITING COURSE - Enable access for your members, franchisees or staff to the Ultimate Guide for Writing Winning Awards Submissions at a group rate, subsidised rate or free. This online course was developed by Awards Absolute and distills over 25 years of awards knowledge in information packed bite-sized chunks. 

NOMINEE WORKSHOPS - Organise a half-day or one-day workshop for your members, franchisees or staff guarantees that they understand the benefits, are informed about the guidelines, and feel well-equipped to submit a nomination that fully reflects their achievements. 

WEBINARS - For awards hosts whose nominees come from far flung destinations, webinars run by Awards Absolute are the perfect way to encourage nominations and impart knowledge that your nominees will recognise as valuable. 

SEMINAR / CONFERENCE SPEAKER - Consider a conference stream breakout, breakfast or lunch presentation where delegates learn how to win awards and thereby become an ambassador for your organisation and a business influencer. 

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