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Awards are multi-faceted and many different resources are employed by people looking to step into the awards arena. Whether you are an existing awards host, exploring setting up an awards program, a first time entrant or an experienced award entrant looking to expand the scope of your exposure, these resources can assist you in your quest.

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Gain access to a compiled list of some of the best known awards programs in Australia. The list will give you a better understanding of the breadth of awards programs offered in Australia with links to their sites. Some awards programs relate to specific industries, some to specific roles, and some are gender or age specific. Entry requirements, qualifying periods, criteria and benefits vary between all of the programs.


Access a list of some of the best known awards software platforms from around the world. The organisations providing the software do not set up, administer or manage any of the tasks or awards program. They provide you with the tools to set it up yourself and assume that you have the required level of expertise and resources in house to run the awards program using their platform. The level of training and ongoing support required and offered varies. 


Stand out to judges by showing you are a good reader, planner, innovator, collector, communicator and storyteller as well as having an eye for detail and are focused on results. These online awards submission writing courses help by providing practical advice and instruction on how to prepare an awards submission that will provide judges with the information they are seeking and the confidence that they are choosing a deserving winner.

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