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Awards Programs

Awards provide opportunities for individuals, organisations and businesses to be honoured for achievements and commitments in life, community, industry or business. Some require nomination by a third party, many do not. Self nomination is standard for most business excellence awards programs providing a great opportunity to view your business through different eyes.

Self reflection and critical self assessment are the great education tools activated by entering awards programs, allowing you to reflect on what you have done well, and also on how you could do better.

Gain access to a compiled list of some of the best known awards programs in Australia. The list will give you a better understanding of the types of awards programs out there with links to their sites.


Some awards programs relate to specific industries, some to specific roles, and some are gender or age specific. Entry requirements, qualifying periods, criteria and benefits vary between all of the programs.


Every success starts with one small step. We wish you well on your awards journey.

Please give me access to a list of leading Australian awards programs

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