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Awards Courses

Three reasons why people don't enter awards!

Why entering awards is critical to success!

Common mistakes in writing

Avoid the 5 Most Common Mistakes Made in Writing Awards Submissions! 


This mini course is a quick fix for those who have already written their submission and need it to be better - fast! You know that winning awards is important but you don't have the time to learn everything. You just want to make it as good as possible in the shortest time. This mini course will guide you on how to change your submission for the better and therefore provide judges with a greater understanding. Every step forward gets you one step closer to being a winner!

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Proofreading is vital

Proofread Like a Pro to Win Prestigious Awards!


Proofreading is the most misunderstood and most under-rated tool in winning awards. This mini course teaches you why proofreading is so valuable and is mandatory for anyone who wants to take home a trophy, and includes the multiple strategies that will reinforce that to judges that you value quality – it's a pivotal message that will lead to more award wins!

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The Ultimate Guide to Writing Outstanding Awards Submissions! 


This 21-lesson course is for everyone who wants to win in business and in life. Learn exactly what you absolutely MUST DO to win awards and keep winning. Do not hire an expensive marketing or PR company that will cost you thousands of dollars - rather invest just a little money and a little time. This is the course that teaches you EXACTLY - step-by-step via our proven "blueprint" - how to win awards and keep winning. Taking home that coveted trophy gives you a massive advantage. Your confidence, career, work and therefore everyone with whom you interact will benefit from you becoming a champion. Winning improves everything! 

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