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COVID-19 Challenges Are Your Best Friend When It Comes To Entering Awards

Astute businesses and organisations will use the coronavirus situation to win more awards.

What’s more, these winners won’t have needed to reinvent themselves or made good money through this unsettling time.

They will win because they know the coronavirus impact has given them a gift - an amazing opportunity to use a Hollywood trick that will make their award submission unforgettable and have the judges barracking for them.

It's a tool used by directors of all manner of box-office hits, from The Wizard of Oz through to Star Wars. And any business can use it to win awards.

We teach it to everybody we mentor and coach, and it forms an integral part of our Ultimate Guide to Writing Outstanding Awards Submissions course and Awards Ready programs.

What is this tool?

It’s a proven structure that is the foundation of many mystic accounts, age-old legends, fairy tales and blockbusters. And there is much more to it than just learning what words to use or emotions to inject into your dialogue (we teach these things too).

This structure will be employed by astute nominees to guide their criteria responses in a way that will turn their entire submission into a tale of triumph.

They will be perceived in the starring role, and their story will go something like the following.

Having enjoyed success pre-COVID in their “normal world” they were then forced into action by coronavirus. Determined to make the best of a bad situation, these nominees will outline how they found a mentor, overcame many challenges to be transformed into an organisation built on a stronger foundation – a business that now boasts new skills, innovative alliances, more compassion and greater insights.

These nominees will demonstrate that they are Luke Skywalker, returned from defeating the cruel Darth Vader and are now restoring freedom and justice to the galaxy.

Sound familiar?

It should because it is a story that every business survivor in this tumultuous COVID-19 world can relate.

What is more, it is a story that judges long to hear. They crave the emotional ties and the jubilation that accompanies a well-conceived epic.

So, there is no reason to shy away from awards this year because your organisation has not performed financially as you had hoped, or you struggled to find a new footing, or you had to cease operating for a few months. Instead, embrace this amazing opportunity to shout about your journey and conquest over coronavirus – and put yourself in the running to take home a coveted trophy along the way.

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