Avoiding the Major Pitfall of Moving Your Awards Online

There are almost as many advantages to taking your awards online as there are awards software companies shouting about those benefits. Some of the biggest advantages include 24/7 access for your entrants, downloadable reports and budget savings. However, there are also a few major pitfalls.

Thankfully, avoiding these snags and navigating the best pathway forward is easy as long as you incorporate a few simple risk mitigation strategies into your processes.

Firstly, you need to be sure your online awards platform has been configured correctly for your situation.

Awards Absolute has been called in on several occasions where the awards hosts knew aspects of their online awards were not working correctly, but could not pinpoint the issue. In some of these cases the awards outline (the structure, categories, criteria, scores and judging process) had initially been handed to IT to set up online. What we discovered on digging into the back-end were issues such as incorrect criteria weightings, mismatched judging criteria and incorrect inputs for overall score totals.

Had these awards been launched without rectification it could have been disastrous for the awards host. Imagine the chaos and frustration if criteria was assigned to the wrong category, or the wrong fee was charged to nominees, or if the scores judge's assigned to a specific nominee were tallied incorrectly!

Each element of