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Five Tips to Sell More Awards Dinner Tickets

Do you want more people to come along and cheer for the finalists at your prestigious awards? Here’s five tips on how to make that happen.

1. Invest proportionately more time in marketing the event to former attendees and finalists. Why? Because people are more likely to buy something when they’re familiar with the offering – and that level of commitment increases even further if they’ve invested in the same thing before.

2. Emphasise how many people have attended in the past.  This taps into everyone’s subconscious “herding” instincts and plays on our desire to be part of something successful. We all want to be part of “the pack”.

3. Set out in your marketing what those who don’t attend will miss out on.  For example, explain how those people who don’t attend will lose the chance to congratulate winners face-to-face, throwing away a perfect opportunity to become a “winner by association”.

4. Use social media - especially Instagram, Google+ and Facebook – to build excitement by posting good images of the glamorous people and local celebrities who attended last year.

5. Create a special “ticket bundle” to sell tickets to more than one of your events at the same time.  For instance, if you run a conference then sell a discounted double ticket to both the awards and the conference.

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